Monday, November 28, 2011

Download Free Dragon Ball Z Bid For Power

Dragon Ball Z Bid For Power PC Game free Crack in Mediafire Links. Dragon Ball Z Bid For Power one of fun game to play and i hope you guys enjoy.

Genre: Action, Fighting | 636 MB
What is Bid For Power* Bid For Power is a total conversion for QuakeIII that plays nothing like the original game. Players take control of Ki-powered superheroes and battle it out in a mostly aerial fight. The game is highlighted by the work of a great art team and an original style, and the game play is extremely fast paced. It can be difficult to keep up with until you get the hang of it.
BFP started out as a Dragonball Z game, and neared completion as one. They ran into legal problems and had to repopulate the universe with original things. This delayed them quite a bit, but they ended up with a population of unique and cool characters to play.
If you are new to the game be prepared to have a difficult time finding a server. They had about 30 people playing at a time for about a year or two, but it has mostly died out. BFP has also been heavily modified by several different groups using the scripting system, so you may run into compatibility issues.


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