Monday, February 13, 2012

Download Free Power Rangers: Super Legends

Power Rangers: Super Legends PC Game free Crack in Mediafire Links. Power Rangers: Super Legends one of fun game to play and i hope you guys enjoy.

Power Rangers: Super Legends is an action-adventure record game based on the television franchise Power Rangers. Long thought to have been purified by Zordon’s energy wave at the end of Power Rangers in Space, the dastardly Lord Zedd has reappeared in his ancient form. Concealed in a hidden dimension, he is interfering with the time stream, trying to alter the course of history to ruin every Power Park ranger throughout time! Operating from the Halls of Legends, the new Omega Park ranger (confused with the original one and himself) must draw collectively a force of Power Rangers and artifacts from across time to break owing to into Zedd’s hidden dimension and restore the timeline!


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