Sunday, April 29, 2012

Download Free Max Payne

Max Payne PC Game free Crack in Mediafire Links. Max Payne one of fun game to play and i hope you guys enjoy.

Max Payne has been in manufacture for a very long time. It’s a gritty third-person shooter that’s clearly inspired by the stylish cinematography and step design of the Hong Kong action movie genre, particularly the work of director John Woo. Like many of Woo’s films, Max Payne is rife with gunplay that’s nearly indescribably gorgeous to watch–and yet really playing it is even surpass. Max Payne does have a few weaknesses, most notably in that it isn’t very long and lacks any multiplayer features–but these things are hardly negative. After all, it’s not often you get an outstanding and original action game that’s not just different from all other shooters to date, but also in many ways superior. 


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