Saturday, June 30, 2012

Download Free Metal Gear Solid 1

Metal Gear Solid 1 PC Game free Crack in Mediafire Links. Metal Gear Solid 1 one of fun game to play and i hope you guys enjoy.

In late February 2005, a group of American spetsvoysk unit FOXHOUND, with the support of specific, genetically enhanced soldiers of the detachment, “Special Forces Next Generation” (born Next-Generation Special Forces) conducting an armed rebellion during a military demonstration on the island of Shadow Moses, Nuclear waste site weapons. As a result, they gain control of nuclear arsenal, as well as on the Metal Gear REX), a special giant robot capable of launching nuclear missiles. Terrorists’ demands are absurd – they want to get from the U.S. government remains the “greatest soldier in history,” known as Big Boss (born Big Boss), the White House threatening a nuclear strike.


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